Plastic Free Packaging

We are excited to introduce to you our new Plastic Free Packaging. We are going to be sending all Die Zudecke duvets out using this method of packaging going forward.

Moving our packaging towards being plastic free continues to show our commitment to the planet and ensuring our products remain as sustainable as possible.

Die Zudecke is our premium range and we want to ensure you continue to be excited and impressed with our premium products, so we needed the premium packaging to match. Your duvet will come beautifully wrapped in tissue paper instead of a plastic hygeine bag. You will also receive a card giving you all the information about your duvet including what to do with it when you open the box as well as how to care for your duvet. You will find additional information on how to care for your duvet in our blog post here.

A lot of thought and care has gone into our new premium plastic free packaging range and we hope you love it as much as we do. When you have removed the duvet from the box all of the packaging materials are fully recyclable.

We have included a short video below to show you how your product will be delivered. Currently, only our Die Zudecke duvets will be delivered in plastic free packaging.